Modbus REST API Server

Unserver connects to field devices via Modbus protocol and provides an HTTP API to higher-level clients.

Unserver provides essential data acquisition features: tags, data caching, continuous polling and data type conversion

From any language, you can use Unserver to easily communicate with Modbus networks and devices.

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    name: "pressure-valve",
    value: {
        pressure: 2.43,
        isClosed: true
0x01 0x02 0x02 0x55 0x39 0xAB 0xF1
0x01 0x02 0x02 0x7A 0x22 0x8B

The Easiest Way to Communicate With Devices

  • Quick Start

    Unserver is designed to be easy to use require as little learning as possible.

  • JSON Configuration

    Use simple and efficient JSON format to configure tags and API behavior.

  • Tags

    Define tags to create a custom API that reflects your solution.

  • Caching

    Optimize Modbus bandwidth by caching the values of frequently used tags.

  • Continuous Polling

    Configure tags to be automatically polled at specified frequency.

  • Format Conversion

    Unserver automatically converts tag values to the correct binary format, such as BCD, Float or Int.

Flexible Pricing

  • 1 Slave
  • 25 I/O Points
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  • 3 Slaves
  • 100 I/O Points
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  • 10 Slaves
  • 1000 I/O Points
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  • 255 Slaves
  • 10000 I/O Points
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