Performance Improvements in 1.2.0

Unserver on release -

1.2.0 features significant performance improvements.

Unserver is now capable of serving up to 1000 requests per second on a typical PC (unless limited by the underlying device network)

Handling of Concurrent Cached Requests

Prior to this change, Unserver would try to always perform every requested read operations, unless the required data is cached at the time of request arrival.

This would often lead to unnecessary network load when the same data is being requested concurrently.

As of 1.2.0, Unserver will analyze the I/O queue and resolve multiple equivalent I/O operations with the data from a single network call.

Logging Improvements

Every incoming HTTP request is not assigned a unique ID, which identifies all log messages related to this request.

This makes it much easier to analyze performance and network load to minimize data acquisition latency.

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